Recognition for Practice- EcoFunds

The premise of the funds of knowledge seeks to understand how the historically accumulated and culturally developed bodies of knowledge and skills are born, take root and grow from our lived experiences. We can extend this model even further by linking the natural world in communion with these funds. By connecting our strengthens and resources […]

Be that Change

I have a responsibility to focus my research so that it may influence policy without distorting or misreading the narrative. I intend for my work to capture and build upon existing social movements framed within education and immigration. It is our duty, our human right, and our requirement, to be a voice, a movement, a […]

Educational Philosophy

My philosophy of education was born in the barrio of Washington Heights, New York during my early years as a teacher where I heeded the call to action for social justice reform in education. I have since translated those budding beliefs into using a robust theoretical approach- founded by esteemed scholars (Gonzalez, Moll & Amanti, […]

Gossamer veil.

These illustrations are bemoaning the state of our society and within each of these media platforms, one can find ordinary people strangers, friends & family gashing one another with words & memes filled with vitriol and inciting rage. Blaming and screaming “truths” to fill the void which in my opinion has genuinely led us astray. Today […]

Job hunting in Academia

After several productive and intellectual years as a graduate student in which I worked tirelessly on research, writing, and tinkering with the theory I am now ready for a job. Applying to academic positions feels a lot like being pricked by thousand little needles into your soul. A bit of light shines through those pinpricks bearing your greatest passion, dreams and hopes […]

Cultural fluidity

Migration to host countries birth diasporic conditions, the cultural and social dimension of a mutualistic relationship with an American culture and the culture of one’s family vary and are a complicated relationship of immigrant identities. Those that are fluid and modulate according to family, networks, friends, environments evolve through time merging cultural practices and meanings.  By […]

Cultural Schizophrenia

In globalized world societies individuals no longer have simple, ready-made, and fixed cultural identities- instead they have “cultural schizophrenia” (Shayegan, 1992, p. 122). The United States and the world stand at the precipice of one of the most continuous and significant evolutions of humanity, migrations. If we look at the human record, it reads like a […]