Draconian Immigration Law

The historical relationships in accepting all people from around the globe onto our shores should continue to be part and parcel of American identity. The global interconnectedness we saw approaching the 21st century is being torn asunder due to the current executive order banning entry for nationals of seven countries. I question such methods as being unconstitutional, and an overreach of our executive branch which is harmful to all citizens, residents, businesses, and universities. Please reverse these draconian orders and change the rhetoric of the political bigotry and social bigotry landscape that is streaming out of the White House and is pretty blatant. It is our duty, our human right, and our requirement, as citizens to be a voice, a movement, a picture, a story, and a media outlet and to remember and remind the Office of the President that inequality and hegemony are grossly present in the world today therefore, we need to awaken a greater consciousness to rid class conflict, racial injustice, economic inequality and global arrogance from the world.


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