Gossamer veil.

These illustrations are bemoaning the state of our society and within each of these media platforms, one can find ordinary people strangers, friends & family gashing one another with words & memes filled with vitriol and inciting rage. Blaming and screaming “truths” to fill the void which in my opinion has genuinely led us astray. Today […]

Job hunting in Academia

After several productive and intellectual years as a graduate student in which I worked tirelessly on research, writing, and tinkering with the theory I am now ready for a job. Applying to academic positions feels a lot like being pricked by thousand little needles into your soul. A bit of light shines through those pinpricks bearing your greatest passion, dreams and hopes […]

Cultural fluidity

Migration to host countries birth diasporic conditions, the cultural and social dimension of a mutualistic relationship with an American culture and the culture of one’s family vary and are a complicated relationship of immigrant identities. Those that are fluid and modulate according to family, networks, friends, environments evolve through time merging cultural practices and meanings.  By […]