Draconian Immigration Law

The historical relationships in accepting all people from around the globe onto our shores should continue to be part and parcel of American identity. The global interconnectedness we saw approaching the 21st century is being torn asunder due to the current executive order banning entry for nationals of seven countries. I question such methods as being […]

Ways of being and belonging

Immigration is the driving force behind many of the most significant changes in the United States and the world. The movement or migration of people is nothing new; indeed if we look at the human record, it reads like a patchwork of individuals coming and going over large swaths of land for hundreds even thousands […]

Social theory

For a society to become conscious and to maintain high sentimentality, it must construct an ideal. Our conscious and unconscious experiences are relative much the same way as our creative nature. Unfamiliarity may not necessarily be unknown but that the outcome in so far as one believes our mind capable of more than what we […]

Funds of Knowledge/Identity

Scholars have likened the term funds of identity (Bagnoli, A., 2004, Bruner, 2001) and knowledge (Gonzalez, Moll & Amanti, 2005) to cultural bound stories, technologies, documents, and discourses that people internalize and construct in order to make sense of the events in their lives. Furthermore, by combining funds of identity with knowledge as a mean […]

Vygotskyian Cultural Historical Theory

The socio-cultural historical (Vygotsky) theory acknowledges that the social experiences and cultural tools shape the way in which immigrants look at the world and contour their perceptions of how the worlds operates and, consequently, their experience. The Iranian Diasporic culture can be considered through Vygotskyian cultural historical theory; that involves a consideration of the process […]


The scope of my research is to understand how Iranian-American communities transfer pieces of American culture into their own cultural practices and whether and how they maintain the symbolic traits of Iranian heritage. As such, my research uses the funds of identity/funds of knowledge-approach to represent Iranian-American households and demonstrate how these families reach a […]